Project Highlight March 24, 2016

Facility Construction

Cenergy was contracted by a major production company to complete Phase I construction of a 11,000 HP compressor station.

This was part of a multi-million dollar project to construct new Marcellus gathering infrastructure in Susquehanna County, PA. Earth work and concrete foundations were completed outside of Cenergy’s scope of work, prior to mobilization. Facility design was the responsibility of a third-party engineering firm.

Cenergy’s scope of work for this project included installation of all equipment, structural fabrication, pipe fabrication, mechanical installation. Cenergy also subcontracted electrical construction, facility painting, and insulation. Phase I included all equipment and header piping required for Phase II, which would be completed at a later date and consist of installation of the final three compressor packages.

Phase I of the project included installation of the following equipment:

Three SEC Cat 3516 Compressor Packages

  • Facility Dehydration System:
  • Four Glycol Contactor Towers
  • Four Glycol Regeneration Skids
  • Inlet Slug Catcher
  • Two Horizontal Suction Filters
  • Horizontal Discharge Filter
  • Facility Pipe Racks
  • Ultrasonic Measurement Equipment
  • Facility Air Supply System
  • Four Storage and Waste Tanks
  • One Used Fluids Tank
  • Fuel Gas System
  • Electrical Switchgear and Control Panels
  • Caterpillar Backup Power Generation

Work began in March of 2010 with shop fabrication of structural components and field fabrication of station piping. The client elected to supply all major equipment, engineered items, piping material, and buildings. All major equipment and station pressure vessels were installed by Cenergy, including complete assembly of three SEC compressor packages. Electrical work and piping installation commenced upon completion of station pipe racks.

From the beginning of the project Cenergy was able to utilize shop fabrication of many pipe spools to expedite project completion. This also provided a cost savings to the client and allowed for less congestion on site during construction. Coordination of shop fabrication with on-site construction activities was a critical component to ensure the successful completion of this project.

In the early phases of construction, it was determined that free-flow of gas prior to completion of compression would be a critical milestone. This was a change in the original construction schedule and was accommodated by a request for an accelerated timeline. Cenergy redirected the focus of construction efforts to achieve completion of components required for free-flow. This was accomplished by committing twice the manpower and resources to the project and working 24 hours a day for multiple weeks until the goal was met.

Following free-flow, Cenergy crews completed construction of Phase I compression. During this time, it was determined that modifications to the station outlet custody transfer ultrasonic measurement equipment would be required to accommodate much higher volumes of gas than originally anticipated. Cenergy was contracted to complete this work and crews in Milton, WV and on site responded rapidly to the demand.

Phase I construction was completed with the installation of backup power generation and final restoration of the facility. All mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation work was completed by Cenergy and support was provided for commissioning and compressor start-up.