Uncategorized August 17, 2023

Eastern Ave / Cincinnati Ohio

On the road again! Cenergy just put the finishing touches on this 14’ x 50’ control valve skid. This skid, part of a modular series of multiple skids, was designed in-house by our Engineering team to include 3 worker/monitor control valve runs (complete with remote set point control) as well as Bettis actuated remote operated shut-in valves with hydraulic manual override capabilities. These modular fabrications were designed for a staggering total system flow rate of nearly 350 MMSCFD! These skids will arrive on-site pre-tested and ready for service.

These skids were designed and fabricated with an operational mindset, giving the end user complete visibility and remote control, from anywhere! With Cenergy, you can rest assured knowing our world-class #Engineering and #Manufacturing teams will always put your operators at the forefront of every project. Contact Cenergy today to see how we can help improve your next #Engineering #Manufacturing or #Construction project.